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Welcome to the RecPublica Studios - one of its kind, state-of-the-art residential studio in Central Europe! We hope that you will enjoy your stay here and see our magnificent facilities as the right place for your next musical project.

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RecPublica Studio
RecPublica Studio
RecPublica Studio
RecPublica Studio
About Us

Our top-of-the-line residential studio, equipped with all the sound processors a sound engineer dreams about and boasting an amazing live-room of capacity of over 900 cubic metres will provide you with everything you need to record and produce music that just sounds breathtaking!
The RecPublica Studios were founded in September 2008. The studio facilities are the effect of 5-year hard and painstaking work. Cliche as it may sound, it really is our dreams-come-true thing. The studio was designed by John Flynn himself (famous for his work at Abbey Road Studios, for instance). The state-of-the-art premises were fitted into a 700-year-old mill house, so the final score is indeed breathtaking. The main live-room has the stunning capacity of nearly 1000 cubic metres and it really is the only one building of its kind in Central Europe. Sound engineers wishing to work here will be truly delighted with the acoustics conditions of the premises.
The studio boasts 4 independent live-rooms, a vocal booth, sound engineer room, but hey there’s more: we also have four-star twin-bedded guest rooms, kitchen, bar, a lounge with internet and phone facilities etc. - all under one roof of a 700-year old mill, which provide a luxurious comfort and relaxed atmosphere to concentrate on your work. At the heart of the studio you fill find a 48-track mixing console SOLID STATE LOGIC DUALITY - one of the very few in Central Europe and definitely one of the just-released mixing consoles to watch! We work on ProTools HD. Our versatile and so sought-after outboard effects are on everybody’s wish list - just give us a call and see your yourself!
Just about when you start to think that you may have found what you have been looking for, the RecPublica Studios are going to surprise you again - even if the piano isn’t your weapon of choice. As you may have heard, we do own a Fazioli piano - it’s ours, it’s perfect and it may be under your fingertips - go to the Gallery and soothe your eyes with it! Herbie Hancock loves it and we cherish it the moment we put our hands onto it. Your passages solo are just waiting to be played here - just check the Gallery!
Our philosophy of the approach to sound recording, engineering and producing is very simple. We always aim to provide the best possible conditions for the musician and the sound engineer - all of which come in a sort of package. So you don’t have to think about the instruments, outboard effects, the acoustics, or where you are going to sleep tonight. It’s off your mind - just focus on your ideas and tell us what you are looking for. We are prepared to accommodate the whole process of music production in one, stylish and technologically superb place. Whether you are still shaping your ideas or rehearsing your stuff, we do have premises to put you in. By this, your music productions gains a comprehensive and cohesive context, being produced in one, concrete yet versatile place. We do have some sound engineers on board with us; however, you are mostly welcome to bring your own. We will give our sweet Duality beast to your disposal.


Pursuing the absolute ideal, we have tried to exclude any compromise. We offer a comfort and quality not surpassed by any other studio worldwide.

Just like you, we are a bunch of people fascinated with composing, arranging and recording music, both from the technical and the artistic perspective. We come from many different musical backgrounds of various tastes. We do have a degree in recording and sound engineering - so we really know what we are talking about. Some of us are sessions musicians, jazz artists, thrash metal drummers, djs and club music producers, and we all make the RecPublica Studios a versatile and all-round recording, mix or mastering solution for you.
No musical genre is a stranger to us - which matters when you seek somebody who will help you record exactly your thing. We are full of resources to produce the sound that you are looking for, without compromising on anything or anybody.
The following equipment is available 24/7:

  • Fazioli F228 grand piano 
  • Hammond A 101
  • Fender Rhodes Suitcase
  • fully fitted 48 channel SSL Daulity
  • ProTools HDX (v.10 and 11) with lots of plug-ins
  • Apogee converters 48/48 Symphony I/O
  • MacPro 6.1
  • TC S 6000 MK2
  • Universal Audio 2-1176 (stereo)
  • Custom La2a opto compressor (mono)
  • Empirical Labs FATSO (stereo)
  • Empirical Labs Distressor x2
  • Looptrotter Monster Compressor
  • Avalon U5 and 737
  • Manley Massive Passive (stereo)
  • Custom SSL 4k mixbus compressor (IMBIR SSL)
  • API 512c x2
  • BAE 312a x2
  • Burl B1 x2
  • Neve 8801 x2
  • Neve 1073 DPA
  • MAAG EQ /x2
  • Bricasti M7
  • Lexicon 960L
  • EMT 140 reverb plate
  • TC Electronics Finalizer 96
  • nice collection of AEA, Coles, Royer, Gefell, Neumann, Telefunken, Schoeps, Brauner, AKG mics

Full equipment list can be downloaded here.
If you feel that the list doesn't contain the gear necessary for your session, suggest one, please.


We have put a lot of care for every single detail. Have a look at our gallery to see more.

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